Marina Del Rey Condominium $15 Lawsuits, Toronto

The Toronto Waterfront area can be a beautiful place to live. I thought all my dreams had come true when I moved in to my condominium 23 years ago. It has the most spectacular view of this city! However, I soon discovered that purchasing this property would become my biggest nightmare! I have now been homeless for 13 years!

This is a cautionary tale about what happens to a condo owner at Marina Del Rey Phase I, 2261 Lake Shore Blvd. W, who is forced to commence legal action in an effort to rebuild her home after years of continuous water flooding problems, mismanagement, neglect of duties, and bad faith displayed by insurance companies.

I have started this blog with the hope that I can provide help and encouragement to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Insurance companies and corporations have lots of money and lawyers to fight us. However, we have the power of the internet and the social media to connect, support each other, and exchange helpful information.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

THE CONDO GAME - Documentary about The Problems Condo Owners Face

I am in this Documentary! Check it out - My nightmare at Marina Del Rey. You can see what my condo looks like inside today. Unfortunately Nothing has changed. My ventilation system was broken for over a year and water is now dripping from my electrical conduit at my front door where the alarm panel once was.

See The Condo Game - Documentary on CBC

Premiering Thursday, November 21 @ 9 pm (9:30 pm NT) on CBC Television’s Doc Zone Average Canadians looking for a place to call home are joining a game – and they don’t have the rule book.

The Condo Game examines the forces at play behind the fastest moving condo market in North America – Toronto – to discover that the glittering glass hides a sea of troubles.

One expert says it’s really not primarily a housing market at all, but rather a commodities play: prospective condo-owners fight for square footage, and square deals, in a market focused on investor profit.

The stark difference between what’s on the dreamy brochure and the reality when the unit’s finally finished is only the beginning… The Condo Game looks at the lessons learned from Vancouver’s leaky condo crisis and explores how Toronto could benefit from tougher regulations.

Warning bells will be ringing loud and clear across the country as Canadians and communities take note of this cautionary tale.

THE CONDO GAME will also air on CBC News Network, Saturday, November 23 at 11 pm ET and Sunday, November 24 at 6 pm ET. Join the conversation with The Condo Game @bountifulfilms The Condo Game More information on the documentary can be found at: CBC Doc Zone - The Condo Game